Iggy Pop films anti seal clubbing advert

Iggy films an advert that he won’t get into trouble for shock!

The last rock n roller standing Iggy Pop has filmed an advert specially for PETA against Canada’s seal cull that involves clubbing the seals.

The barbaric act is far more revolting than it sounds and a quick flick through YouTube videos would persuade anyone of it’s disgusting nature. Even Iggy.

Iggy, who has never been directly political, was so incensed by this revolting method of animal control that he has filmed the ad which will be shown before he goes on stage at the Isle Of White festival this weekend before being launched elsewhere.

“Clubbing baby seals is sick,” Pop says in the advert. “Don’t let the greed of a few tarnish the image of the whole country.”

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  2. i’m sorry iggy but your an asshole , just because some sick fucks decide to torture seals doesn’t mean every person , besides
    is america reputation tarnished after US bombed hiroshima?, how about when the army dropped agent orange on vietnam?, to this day the us government and monsanto both claim its not their fault and never gave the victims money or health coverage, also ingrid newkirk has killed more animals than most kill shelters last year they killed 95% percent of their animals , btw there is no money in saving animals , ingrid newkirk is a sad sad women who uses celebrity endorsements to further her cause , and she’s wealthy as hell, she also looks like a real evil cunt as bill hicks says “suck the devils dick to get that money your gonna need it”


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