At last a new Stooges album!

Iggy Pop and the Stooges have finished recording a new album which will be called, Ready to Die.

It’s their first studio effort since 2007′s uneven The Weirdness. This will be the first album since the return of guitarist/producer James Williamson, who last worked with the Stooges on 1973′s Raw Power and rejoined The Stooges following guitarist Ron Asheton’s death in ’09. Asheton’s brother Scott plays drums while the legendary Mike Watt lays down the bass.

Longtime Stooges collaborator Ed Cherney mixed the album and told HitFix that it sounds like classic Stooges. “It’s raw. They’re great songs, but not necessarily big choruses. They’re the anti-christ of anthems,” Cherney explained, adding that the lyrics are “very timely. [Iggy Pop] knows what he wants to say. He’s watching the world around him.”

A release date hasn’t been revealed yet, though confirmed track titles include “I Got a Job But It Don’t Pay Shit” and “Gun”.



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