Fish has written a brilliant piece that details exactly how post Brexit touring with its added costs and paperwork will kill off the U.K. music scene 

The truth of touring a post Brexit U.K. band touring Europe is pretty bleak. Many keyboard warriors say ‘what about the sixties’ ‘it’s only a visa’ – they have no idea. If you want the reality of how Brexit will kill of a generation of new U.K. bands and older bands up to a pretty good level and how it will be the end of U.K. bands being popular in Europe and how it will end many careers and the harsh reality of post Brexit touring then read this…


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  1. What a disaster this is for what is the leading musical country. Let down again by a government that doesn’t understand the people.

  2. well said Fish and well done LTW for spreading the message. SHAME you haven’t printed and shared Ian Browns letter equally as well written and addressing the wider issues of the new normal fascist/corporatist agenda playing out daily.

  3. Brexit (and Boris) was driven by social media and in particular FB. Social media is a free service by default as that is how they get raw, undistilled marketing data. If it was a paid service it would not be as good. Gammon, liars, Karens and losers love FB as hate music as it reminds them about how out of touch they are and how lazy and fat they are. So they would be happy to see music tank. As Jello effectively said ‘Give me convenience or give me death’. Great bands and new bands *will* find a way – it’s early days yet – and destroy with a new anger. And in the process, the losers (both ‘left’ and ‘right’) who subscribe to and support free social media and internet culture in general can go f*ck themselves.


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