Icelandic duo BSÍ share two-sided release – Relax, blablaReleased just a week after the official first day of summer in Iceland, Jelly Belly and New Moon represent two sides of the warmest season on the island.

The musicians Silla Thoraresen (drums and vocals) and Julius Pollux Rothlaender (bass guitar and toe synths) perform and record under the moniker BSÍ (the name of the central bus terminal in Reykjavik). In native Iceland, the duo has achieved a cult status, alongside punk freshers Sucks to be You, Nigel, Skoffín and GRÓA.

The two-sided release follows the band’s debut album Sometimes depressed​.​.​. but always antifascist. While fast-paced Jelly Belly is a perfect soundtrack for a hurried walk through unmerciful gust, New Moon, in contrast, has a sedative effect, providing a necessary room for contemplation during a stroll along the coastline.

The video for Jelly Belly, created by director Ugla Hauksdóttir, celebrates childhood and echoes the tradition of Icelandic filmmaking. Elaborating on the concept, Ugla says: “The music video for “Jelly Belly” is a playful ode to childhood, celebrating the freedom of self expression. It is a reminder for us not to take ourselves too seriously and instead remember to have fun”.

Relax, Blabla is available on the band’s SoundCloud. Follow BSÍ on BandCamp and Facebook.

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