Ice Sea Dead People

Norwich Sound And Vision Festival

Oct 12th 2012

Live Reviews

It’s late and I’m exhausted, knackered, burned out. Been running round the country. Doing stuff, watching bands, chairing panels, playing gigs, conducting in conversations. There’s one more band on the bill and it’s a 30 minute walk back to the hotel. A sane person would leave the building now but someone has just tipped me off about this new young band from Bedford.


‘check out Ice Sea Dead People mate, you will love them..’


It’s the words I don’t want to hear but I wait. Im intrigued. I’m liking the pun in the bands name and the description of their sound so I wait. And wait. Finally the band hit the stage and I’m rushing in seconds.


They are fantastic. Tough, spartan riffing like prime time Fugazi, the emtional kick of early Emo when it rose from the macho jock nonsense of hardcore and a powerful sound that belies their skinny suburban youth look.

The songs are smartly written, two guitars play calling riffs and are underpinned by the bass. It’s loud and abrasive and totally thrilling. The songs are great as they switch vocals from member to member giving everything an off kilter dynamic as they crank up the main energy but temper it with a sharp intelligence and sense of dynamics that enevr let’s the songs collapse into total noise or mess.


Their debut album, the 25 minute long Teeth Union is a mere photocopy of what they have got going on live despite being mastered by Shellac noise master Bob Weston. The album should be looked on as a souvineer of a band starting to hone this business down a couple of years ago and not a final stament. Its good but live they are like a juggernaut, and I mean like the original Indian definition of the word and not a big lorry.

On tonight’s live performance the time is now to go and record. Fierce, challenging and exciting they destroy any notion of exhaustion. They look great, they sound great and they manage to cram the explosive noise of No Age into tunes and powerful songs. Investigate now.


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