The IC1’s: Manchester – live review

Manchester, Dry Live
May 4th 2013

Harrow based band the IC1s have been building a reputation as one of the best new bands around. So when they ventured way up North Nidge Sanders went along (with his camera) to get in everybody’s way and to see what all the fuss is about.

I’m seen as one of them pesky music photographers by most live music goers, all in the way trying to get the shot types. But in reality I’m just a real music fan who loves the excitement of small venue gigs, and trying to do my bit in a way a can to help support the bands in their push to recover rock n roll. I love nothing more than finding a gem, a new band to which I can add to my growing catalogue of finds and must see again lists. And every now and then you stumble across a whopping great big diamond and IC1’s are a just that band.


So the night started at Dry Live, one of them subterranean, small venues in the heart of the Northern Quarter of Manchester, you know the sort all black walls and iron pillars with the all important bar tucked away at the back. Unusually for Dry Live on a Saturday night it wasn’t so busy and it started well down on the 250 or so that turn out for a stomp. But those that did show up will await the return of these lads again.

The IC1’s: Manchester – live review

The IC1’s are a 5 piece hailing from Harrow which I later found out is sort of near Wembley London. Thanks to the lead singer, Daniel Coburn who I had the chance to meet and chat to following the show, another reason why I love the small venues. They’ve been on the scene for sometime and it showed when it came to laying down the set. Each band members just had that air about them, not the Manchester swagger we see so often in these parts, but the seasoned – here we are, and have it this way now! Not many bands can jump on an out of town stage, with a small crowd and set the place buzzing but these lads did, but that’s the class of them. The interplay and banter with the crowed eased us all into the swing of things and the place soon realised a top performance was in the making.

The IC1’s: Manchester – live review

I’m pants at put music into a genre, as a photographer I hear with my eyes but the feeling of the tunes and lyrics were overpowering on the night and had a hint and energy of the Libertines and I had to force myself to tune out and capture the moment to film, well memory card. You should hunt this band down, they are busy doing the rounds at the moment and have a new single Growing Up Going Down due for release on the 3rd June. Not many bands move me to submit a review but the IC1s did just that, in fact this is my first.

The IC1’s: Manchester – live review

Set List
Not Perfect
Bill Silk
Beautiful Ugly
Growing Up, Going Down
Wack Jack

The Ic1’s Can be found at their website and at their Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud pages.
All words by Nidge Sanders. Photos by Nidge Sanders – Trust A Fox Photography.

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