6. London Calling-The Clash
The ‘only band that matters’ musical experimentation and lyrical world view means they are ageing very well, they actually sound better now then they did then and Joe, of course, easily my favourite
soul singer, has been canonised.

7. Handsworth Revolution- Steel Pulse
A punk album in spirit I always return to this classic rebel reggae album time
after time. Proper protest music.

8. Plastic Ono Band-John Lennon
An exercise in cutting open the vein and bleeding all over the record. For me this is art at its very best, no poetry obscuring the true meaning, just uncomfortable honestly and a hell of a

9. Black & White- The Stranglers
I could of picked any of the first 6 Stranglers albums. Where ever my musical taste roams I always end up going back to The Stranglers, the most oddly unique music I’ve ever heard.

10. Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen
Thunder Road, Jungleland, Backstreets, Born to Run all on one album. He’d never quite write like this again. Age 24, bastard.


Part one of Ian Prowse’s top 10 favourite album’s is here


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