Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
23 September 2012

Live review

Brudenell Social Club – not what you’d think.

No bingo or politically incorrect comedian; instead a comfortable spacious room on two levels, twinkly lights; an audience sporting t-shirts of Joy Division, Cud and Olympic cycling, probably no walks of shame in the morning.

The two supports, Ryan Spendlove and This Ground Moves held their own and their enjoyment of their performances added to the excitement of what was to come.

Ian McCulloch and Ian Broudie took to the stage, both dressed in casual “off to t’pub” clothing and tinted glasses. Ian’s voice still that mixture of cream, chocolate and gravel. He demanded silence and got it.

He happily took us through well known sing-a-long and “better to just listen” songs of his collection.

Singing Rust with one of the crowd, her church like crooning blended beautifully with Ian’s, like they were at a family gathering and had sung many times before.

Everyone singing along with his songs, Ian beamed and joked his way through the evening, having his glass of red wine replenished every so often and his plectrum retrieved from the stage; Ian,“you should never be seen picking things up from the floor, unless its your clothes from the night before”.

Don’t think the room’s singers will make any kind of Gareth Malone choir documentary, but if passion and heart-felt affection could be bottled and sold, Ian would’ve made a tidy penny tonight.

Set list

Do It Clean
Stars are Stars
Villiers Terrace
Idelness of gods
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Seven Seas
Dancing Horses
Nothing Lasts Forever ”“ Walk on The Wild Side – Midnight Hour-
I’m Waiting For The Man
Killing Moon
Lips Like Sugar

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

Ian McCulloch – Leeds – live review

All words, video and images by Elspeth Moore. You can find more from Elspeth on LTW here.

We also reviewed Ian McCulloch’s gig in Manchester last week. You can read Steve Kelly’s review here.

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  1. Were you there last night? Having a small lady removed from the front for absolutely no reason? Berating a member of the audience who was saying how good the gig was?

    The gig was excellent but as usual his ego got in the way – normally it’s barely acceptable, but last night he was an arse too far.

    See httpss://www.leedsmusicforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=49018

  2. Egotistical? He can get away with it because he is as he says, the greatest voice in the history of the world (though fans of Paul Robeson may disagree). As for his run-ins with a couple of members of the audience, there was, as the great man pointed out, a sign in the club pointing out that it was an acoustic gig and as such, conversations should take place outside so as not to spoil the enjoyment of the majority. Why was this request so difficult for some to adhere to? I paid to hear the words and music of the performer, not the gobshite of the audience which I can listen to for free at any pub in Bradford or Leeds, seven days a week. Great venue, by the way.

  3. Absolutely agree Paul, and tbh the audience were giving him the reverence due – but when he gets it wrong and ends up bullying people who have shown nothing but respect all night you have to question his actions and come to the conclusion that he can be a massive tit.


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