Ian Danter: Prove You Wrong – album review

Ian Danter – Prove You Wrong – Cherry Red
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Ian Danter, aka that bloke off Talk Sport, fails to inspire macthehack with some 1970’s style rawk.

The album’s called Prove You Wrong. It’s by Ian Danter, whose day job is as a football commentator on Talksport. OK, I admit, I was sceptical. Described as a ‘rock’ album – well that’s fairly vague – Danter plays and sings everything bar a couple of guest vocals and guitar solos. Interesting…

But is it just a vanity project?


It may be hard to excel in one area and then switch to another. Just ask the author Terry Venables. But checking my own prejudgments at the door, let’s see if Danter can prove me wrong.

Well yes he does. But not in a good way. This is full on 70’s rawk. Opening track Soulmate features duelling guitars that clearly take their cue from Thin Lizzy, but it lack the attack of Phil Lynott’s crew and in all honesty the sub-David Coverdale transatlantic rock god vocals do nothing for me.

Which I’m afraid sets the pattern for Prove You Wrong. What it does show is Ian Danter is an accomplished musician, both as a drummer and guitarist. The material – all written by Danter – is drawn from the last 20 years of playing in various Midlands metal bands such as Shotgun Wedding and Sons of God. It’s not a vanity project, it’s the music Ian Danter clearly loves and of its type it may well be a gem. But power ballads and US FM rock never did it for me.

On the plus side title track Prove You Wrong has a nice crunchy Foo Fighters feel to it and I actually prefer Danter’s own, more understated vocal delivery to the more traditional mid-Atlantic mannerisms of guest vocalist Lee Small. Brilliant bounces along sounding not unlike Terrorvision and the album closer I Wanna Be A Has Been is a nice idea, apparently inspired by a friend of Danter’s sticking up for Dave Hill of Slade in a Birmingham guitar shop with the line “better a has been than a never was” to a disrespectful young shop assistant.

It’s well played, well produced and you have to be pleased for Danter, who’s clearly a man who’s paid his dues, finally getting this album out against the odds. But the track She’s From A Different Universe, sums up this album for me. Unfortunately it seems me and Ian Danter are from different musical universes too. If KISS, Whitesnake and The Darkness are your thing, then this might well be worth checking out. Me? I’ll wait for the Colin Murray ska album.

Music by Ian danter can be found at his website, Facebook and Twitter.

All words by macthehack. More work on Louder Than War by macthehack can be found here.

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  1. ive got the album and its a belter,you can clearly hear dants” influences on it,its one of the best albums iv”e heard in ages!


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