Ian Curtis’s former house in Macclesfield up for saleThe former home of Ian Curtis in Macclesfield is up for sale.

Link to sale is here



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  1. I am a massive Joy Division fan since 1979. I actually went to photograph this house, in 2013. This the home of
    the Late Great Ian Curtis, were he hung himself while listening to iggy pop,’ the idiot’ album. In an ideal world this
    house would be bought over and turned into a museum, for the many many music fans. I went to visit the Ian Curtis
    Grave/ Shrine near by. Fortunately that weekend The Barnaby Festival was on, and I got to meet Peter Hook, as he was doing a book signing, regarding the book he had just launched about Joy Division. Fortunately I got to hear Peter Hook
    and the Light play a number of Joy Division songs in a Church that night in Macclesfield, what an Atmosphere!


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