Ian Brown of The Stone Roses performs at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England, 17th June 2016. No usage after 17th August 2016 without permission. Editorial use only. No posters or unauthorised biographies.

Ian Brown has tweeted an anti lockdown anti vaccine tweet that is causing much controversy. His tweet this afternoon is trending across the UK and sees the former Stone Roses frontman at the heart of much discussion.

Ian Brown
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  1. Thank you for stating your thoughts Ian Brown! You have done your research. I hope more people realise the corporate-owned media is 100% globalist propaganda and research beyond it. Please ignore the state-sponsored army of trolls swamping twitter trying to smear you!

    • “Research”? eh? What sort of research do you think a barely literate singer has conducted? Is it the same as you, reading conspiracy websites?

      Look up the word “research” for everyone’s sake.

  2. i remember once being told about how when people get old, they stop voting labour. or when how they get money, they start voting tory. and now here is Ian Brown sitting right in the middle of where this Venn diagram intersects. cunt

  3. Tell anyone who’s lost a loved one that covid’s a hoax and be prepared for a swift kick tae the baws…. I thought he’d given up weed- guess not. Just rambling half assed hash paranoia conspiracy shite. Sure, there’s been a certain amount of over reaction to this whole thing, but nevertheless it is real people

  4. I love Ian spot on and like anyone else entitle to his/her opinion. The nazis on here following the media BS can fuck off!

  5. So the singer says that but the guitarist says “Wear a mask, stay safe. Look after yourself and others”

    So it comes down to who you trust the most, I guess, Brown or Squire?

    Until Mani and Reni chip-in I’m with the guitarist.

  6. funny how much we expect our musicians to be literate politicians and shame them for being anything less. in my experience people rocket to stardom and their intellect stays at the place it was when the ship took off. Ian , thank you for making my college 20s saucy and stylin with stoney soundtracks but maybe turn the mic off when talking politics. BTW i also loved 2nd Coming.

  7. Brown has always been a prat! He has the intelligence of a dehydrated cowpat!
    Anti-mask = Pro-death
    Anti-vax = Pro-death
    Covid Denial = Eugenics


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