Ian was in court in Manchester today giving evidence at the trial of Fred Talbot over Talbot’s alleged sex offences.

The full story is here

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  1. I’m finding it to be so positive and so revolutionary and so truly excellent, that people who were abused as children and in their teens, to whatever extent,.. are standing there, looking at the abusers and saying “It was not right.” The Crowley “Law of Thelema” is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” and the 1970’s version was “If it feels good … do it.” The fact that it was terrifying and horrific for anyone else, wasn’t the issue… the issue was “hey..it feels good to me.. so I’ll do it.” There was certainly a hierarchy to the “free love” idea. I am glad that Ian Brown stood up to speak against Talbot. Not everyone will be able to stand up and speak – either because they can’t, they’re too broken, they’re just forgotten people, or because they’ve put the past behind them and do not want to re-visit it, and keeping it out of their mind, works for them. There are many reasons NOT to stand up in that court room and speak, and I use the word “reasons” and not “excuses”. However, it is a good thing to do, if you have the opportunity to do it. It is so difficult for young people to imagine what being a child/teen, was like in the seventies… There were no rights, your voice was not heard and the random violence in schools and homes was not seen to be too much of a problem. Indeed, the “solution” was to be “put in care” where more violence, depravity and cruelty would come your way, so keeping quiet was the only option. Maybe when the primal scream that was Punk began to be heard, it was one way of not keeping quiet?

    • Agreed Robin. Time people made a stand against this. But it’s been going on for centuries not just since the seventies. The priests have been at it for ever and still are. Maybe this will be the century this issue gets sorted out and the politicians, establishment and religious lot get brought to book.

  2. Joady, it has been going on for centuries… certainly since Shakespeare’s day, (although I read with relief, that Shakespeare’s company did not “groom” the boy-actors…. as other theatre groups did back then..) I got the feeling that the seventies were a time when it was “acceptable” to sexually abuse young teens. It was seen as part of the utopia of the permissive society and it was based on the Crowley enthusiasm that was in the media/film/art/literature at the time. … And the seventies were a time when the occult entered the church, via the charismatic movement, and the mind control artists like Billy Graham… (talking about the protestant church) caused people to be passive and once their minds were invaded and abused, what defence did they have against the further abuse that took place? So.. whether it was the false Utopia, or the false Christianity….. either way… the sexual abuse was part of a more general abusive control mechanism. This doesn’t belittle it in anyway. What I’m saying is that “control of the mind” came first. And also don’t forget that whether a potential victim is 13 or 50,… if he or she stands up and says “Take your depraved mind set right away from me”… he or she will be in for a backlash. Abusers don’t like strength and they don’t like a clear morality either, so they will tell lies about the person they failed to ensnare. Therefore, I admire Ian Brown’s courage. A court case could go either way. He could have been depicted as a liar or as mad or as malicious, simply for making a stand against abuse, but he went ahead and spoke out anyway. Good man.


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