Iain Key’s Indie BrunchLouder Than War writer Iain Key has joined Louder Than War Radio. He’ll be serving up an Indie Brunch between 11am-1pm every Saturday

While unashamedly Manc-centric he’ll be playing a mix tracks from bands and artists who will be familiar to many, and a lot from those who aren’t. You’ll find fresh young talent rubbing shoulders with established and acclaimed acts from the off.

Iain says of the time slot and thinking behind the show, “I remember Terry Christian doing a show on Piccadilly in the late 80’s. It was a great time slot as you’d just be getting over a Friday night out and making arrangements for the Saturday, either heading to town or the match. He’d play a mix of stuff, but importantly always be supporting new talent”.

After managing the band Northside, working with a number of bands during the 1990’s and occasionally writing Iain dropped out of the ‘music scene’ until the pandemic hit, at which point he rediscovered his passion for writing and discovering new acts. He’s now been writing for Louder Than War for around 18 months now with over 100 pieces to his name.

Coming up on his first show, you can expect

The Fall – Theme From Sparta FC
Mighty Lemon Drops – Like An Angel
Fightmilk – I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space
Afternoon People – Rules Of The Game
The Haciendas – Other Side
10CC – Good Morning Judge
The Smiths – Hand In Glove
Cobain Jones – Hooked
Frances Gein – Mud
Bugeye – Don’t Stop (Remix)
808 State – Cubic
Leah Callahan – Party
The Shop Window – Lay Of The Land
New Order – Ceremony
Stockholm Monsters – Fairy Tales
Jim Bob – Shona Is Dating A Drunk, Woman Hating Neanderthal Man
Rich Kid Problems – Runaway
Last Tourist – Black Raven
Jesus & The Mary Chain – Upside Down
Danny Mahon – Council Estate Love
Cities In Dust – Vanishing Anarchist
Inspiral Carpets – Keep The Circle Around
Nervous Twitch – Alright Lads
John Cooper Clarke – I Married A Monster From Out Of Space
Fast Cars – The Kids Just Wanna To Dance
Naughty Boys – Dancing With A Memory
Northside – Pleasuredome

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