I Like Trains & Young Liars @ The Cluny – live review

I Like Trains & Young Liars
The Cluny, Newcastle 16th October 2012

A disapointingly quiet Tuesday at Newcastle’s best music venue for I LIKE TRAINS and local lads Young Liars meant a lot of people missed out on a great night of music. Maybe they stayed in and watched rain fall in Poland…….

Kicking off is local act Young Liars who play instrumental music in the same vain as Mogwai with a bit of Royskopp thrown in for good measure. Anncoucning this was their second to last gig due to their drummer joining a bloody Darkness tribute band was greeted with boos from the locals who had come to see them play. Loads of reverb drenched guitars built atmospheres nicely however by the third “song” it was starting ot get a bit samey. The chaps however were tight and showed a great talent for what they’re doing and it is a shame this potential may not be realised. They should also learn to face the right way when playing, unless they were abusing the drummer throughout the evening!!! (Just to note, I saw them afterwards talking, and the drummer seemed a jolly decent chap and they still all seemed to be friends!!)

I Like Trains came onto the stage with seemingly less people than support act Young Liars. Very disappointing, but it didn’t seem to put the chaps off tonight. Dave still looks uncomfortable when conversing with the audience but is an excellent front man when performing (And the girls seem to like his shyness!!!).

It’s perfect weather for I Like Train’s music, cold, a bit grey and dark nights getting earlier as we get further into October. The atmosphere the band produce onstage is electric and it helps they’re bloody good musicians as well. The drummer has to be one of the hardest out there, he hits the drums so hard he could play for Manowar, so hard it was messing with the reverb on Alastair’s amplifier. Rhythm plays a huge part in the sound and drums and bass work hard together to keep things together.

A varied set covering their career from “Rook House for Bobby” and “Terra Nova” through to the latest EP “Beacons”. “Rook House” can’t fail to impress despite me watching them play it at least 10 times. “Sea of Regrets” is immense. Beacons sounds amazing, in fact, to be perfectly honest, each song was perfect.
I Like Trains really are the complete package, I’m only disappointed I couldn’t make it to the Leeds concert at the City Museum. The deserve to be on a bigger stage as it all looked just a little too cramped up there with everything that was going on.

I Like Trains follow in that great tradition of Eccentric Englishness that seems to be very popular on the continent and I just hope this country embraces them as they deserve so much more respect than they currently get.

The football wasn’t any good when it did eventually kick off on Wednesday afternoon……….

I Like Trains continue their European tour throughout October and November, creeping into December. Everyone should go and see them.

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