Let Me Die


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Louder Than War Bomb Rating 3.5


Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys has a listen to  an impressive debut album from I CAN, I CAN’T.  

I CAN, I CAN’T hail from Worcester, UK and are an offshoot of the almighty A Werewolf! who I’ve reviewed here before. Featuring Niall on Guitar and vocals, and Zak on Drums and vocals, this new outfit has already started murmurings in their local live scene.

Opener Don’t You Question starts with a sample of what sounds like some old blues/yodelling lady that from the 20s with guitar feedback creeping in over it. Suddenly, a ferocious and noisy cacophony erupts with pained vocals and then suddenly a jazz breakdown? Yes. This then re-starts and the noise starts again and then the jazz comes in again and then there is stop start drums and guitar taking the track everywhere and anywhere you least expect it to. It comes to  juddering halt and you are left wondering what the fuck just happened. And this is track one!

A “woo!” starts Gravity which is heavy on the ride cymbals and is an absolute romp, full of squealing vocals, heavy guitar and playful ‘call and response’ vocals. Halfway through there is a sudden and complete change in direction with a fast as fuck (almost Spanish guitar riff) with added trumpet and the repeated and inspired vocal of “the farther we fall, the  farther we lead”. Godot has a 100mph guitar riff running throughout that AC/DC would be proud of and is accompanied by mental drums, stop start pained screamo vocals and a palpable immediacy.

The brilliantly titled Breathing Is Overrated is an almighty slab of heavy guitars, drums and hauntingly echoed vocals. This quickly morphs into screamo vocals, more riffage and dense as fuck guitars and drums

Penultimate track Strange Place starts with a more measured vocal which eventually leads us into a complete false sense of security. Insanely loud blasts of guitar noise, drums and screaming punctuates throughout, whilst the almost shamanic vocals are mixed in. The whole mess finally finished at the 2.33 mark and one is left wondering what the hell just happened. And not for the first time either.

Final track Grab Each Other starts with a nice crunchy riff that is closely followed by drums and the immediate vocals of Niall. With a nonchalant “woo”, the listener is taken on a sludgy rollercoaster of noise, heavy staccato riffs, the battering of drums and the clatter of cymbals.

Full of weird time signatures and taking you to places that your mum always warned you about, Let Me Die is a six track romp replete with monster riffs, loud clattering drums and screaming instructional vocals that make the listener get up out of their stooper and start listening.

I CAN, I CAN’T’s sound may not be for everyone.  But if you are after a run through a hay field one day, and you need to soundtrack its naughtiness, I CAN, I CAN’T would be a great place to start. Lovely stuff.

I CAN, I CAN’T can be found on their Facebook and their Bandcamp


Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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