When Nirvana and Mudhoney walked the earth there was very little to stand in their way. We Brits were certainly a walkover. Pre-weakened by Pixies, we were pretty much ready to be slapped in the face by anything half-good in 1992.

For a little while, it was all about the new tranche of American grungers – and rightly so. But away from the transatlantic action, we were coming up with some good noises on our own unbeaten track.
I Am The Resurrection! #3. Great lost albums: Loveblobs ‘Prehistoric Extraction’
London’s Loveblobs left new stains on the toilet circuit. Their mini albums ‘Extraction’ and ‘Congealed’, while owing a lot to Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’, somehow shifted the bar to a slightly silly new extreme with their larynx-shredding vocals, inappropriate feedback solos and lyrics about fingers stinking of petrol.

They were a loud, snotty, snarling, potentially disagreeable experience which I, personally, loved to bits. The three-chord shoutfest of ‘Buttplug’- complete with feedback stabs emulating censor beeps (but failing to cover the naughty words) – was a loud awakening for me when I saw them for the first time, supporting Action Swingers.

My neighbours at the time probably welcomed my constant replays of ‘Mr Bascam’ about as much as I welcomed a ciggy end in my can of Stella, but during those pre-internet years of musical discovery and fanzines, these tunes were the dog’s loveblobs.

What happened to them? Not sure. One of them is in Part Chimp. Their only CD release, ‘Prehistoric Attraction’, came out on the effortlessly out-there label Wiiija – and can nowadays be picked up for pennies on a modern thing called t’internet. I recommend you do just that.

Andy Barding

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  1. If we are talking about 1992 then I think I have ar candidate for I am The Resurrection #4 Great Lost Albums.

    Before Oasis with their Bealtles / sex pistols cross helped producers rediscover how to record electric guitar. While the La’s were still fighting 1980s production techniques. Somewhere in Liverpool the Stairs were recording their debut album’ Mexican RnB’

    With their seminal guitar rifs and timbre I couldn’t believe they wern’t massive. Perhaps it’s because their massive single was called WEED BUS


    What do ya say?


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