How To Write About The Fall- New Panel With Special Guests Announced At Louder Than Words

The Fall are a riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside pub wrapped inside an arcane alcove of lyrical genius or something…

How do you write about a band like this?

On the weekend of Nov 15/17 we bring together a panel who have made various attempts in books printed or about top be printed…

A very special panel with Steve Hanley- former Fall bassist who is finishing his autobiography (it’s very good what we have read so far) who details a lot of his misadventures of the band he was such a key part of for so long.

Simon Wolstencroft – Funky Si- the drummer who invented the whole Manchester late eighties grovve was once in the Stone Roses, the Smiths and then spent ten years in the Fall where he wrote some of their best known songs- he too has an autobiography out soon detailing his years on the musical frontline…

Dave Simpson- the best Guardian music writer, Yorkshire resident Dave a still writes great live reviews for the paper and wrote the famous Fall book – The Fallen- one of our favourite rock books in which he tracked down all the ex members of the Fall.

Mick Middles- Manchester’s premier music journalist who hjs written many books and written about the Fall many times will chair…

This will be a fascinating discussiion- tickets for this event and for the whole weekend available from the Louder Than Words site

Louder Than Words is a weekend literary and music festival and the first in an annual celebration of music and the written word part promoted by Louder Than War one of the UK’s leading music culture websites.

Music and the word are the two art forms that detail the beauty and the madness of creativity at the heart of the helter skelter and have had a close relationship since the dawn of pop culture – sometimes at odds with each other and sometimes in the purest celebration of both forms.

We want to carry the debate, the arguments, the passion and the power of the word and the thrill of the music into a weekend event, which takes place in Manchester on the weekend of Nov 15 / 17.

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