The Brits poptastic belch- Kerry McCarthy MP has the last word on the Brits
The Brits poptastic belch- Kerry McCarthy MP has the last word on the Brits


The Brits poptastic belch
The Brits poptastic belch : How to save the Brits

by Kevin Hewick tells us how The Brits can be more than the musical equivalent of the bankers bonuses- and asks why not an oportunity to reflect the diverse UK music culture

Somehow The Brits can never quite hide it’s rotten core. Even its most favoured artist Adele got her acceptance speech clumsily truncated by the hapless and hopeless James Corden, all because of the fear of the show over-running.. like a football match you mean?!Sport, especially footie seems a holy cow to TV schedulers but not so music.

Adele gave the finger to the cameras and quite right too but one wishes artists and the BPI would give the finger to sucking up to Mastercard and ITV’s choppy ‘jokey’ coverage. The artists seem mere interchangeable fodder for this particular years event, as Justin of The Darkness said the year after their Brit triumphs they didn’t even get invited back for a beer.

Remember it’s easy for us hardcore music fans to be too cool for school over it but people at my work place who normally make no comment about music were talking about The Brits yesterday – it CAN be made into a vibrant reflection of our mainstream pop culture, it SHOULD. Last night could have had a song by PJ Harvey, something from James Blake etc. There would have been time without 30 minutes of the ‘2’ hour coverage being adverts adverts adverts. And more adverts.

Save The Brits? Why not, it could be a great fun shop window for our country’s incredible music scenes. Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran and Mastercard stooge Corden didn’t quite hit the spot..

by Kevin Hewick

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