Hot Sauce PonyHot Sauce Pony -Video Premiere for ‘Crusher’ heralding album recorded with Steve Albini

London Weirdo-gothic-noise-punks Hot Sauce Pony release their self-titled debut album on  3rd May 2019, recorded with Steve Albini on the controls – and it looks like being the best thing he’s done for a while as the band are an interesting proposition.

Noisey, Dark, Grungey ( quiet/loud) bass-heavy they look like the old-skool provincial Goths or inner-city devil worshippers and have an out-of-place sound which is part art-school part psychiatric ward.  They possess a dark, wicked sense of humour and slow-burning intensity which intermittently explodes. They ain’t rock’n’roll exactly more  a sex’n’death dirge’n’grind, hide-the-kitchen-knives Soul band…

Here is the video for Crusher…

Singer Caroline Gilchrist told me about the song:

“‘Crusher’ is basically about a person who has locked themselves away from the world, physically or metaphorically, and then one day decides to face their demons and “get back out there.” But ultimately, the blind faith she has is completely unfounded because the things she feared were real after all.”

The band also have a campaign to get the album released on vinyl… details in this video, which has convinced me that far from being a terrible band name, it is actually quite a  sexy one….

Yeah I want more… and to hold it in my hand…..  Nurse!

Pre-order the album from here  and hear a couple other tracks…

Hot Sauce Pony – Previously on Louder Than War’ What You Don’t Know Video Premiere


All words Ged Babey

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