Hooligan ft. Christy Dignam ‘Teenage Rebel’ (Reekus Records)
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Long overdue follow-up to the 2014 released ‘Criminal Damage’ EP; sadly, this one is only available on CD and download, but that’s a minor self-centred whine…what you get is a 4trk EP – the lead track a cover of The Outcasts 1978 classic ‘Teenage Rebel’ featuring vocals from Aslan frontman Christy Dignam who himself has only recently overcome blood cancer.

Towards the end of 2012, Christy was admitted to hospital with a chest infection, this was confirmed as cancer of the blood, and resulted in a brutal regime of chemotherapy; thankfully in early 2014 Christy received the news that he was in a type of remission; he subsequently met up with Hooligan founder David Linehan and they realised that unbeknown to either of them, that back in 1978 they had both stood in Dublin’s Dandelion Market to watch formative gigs from Belfast based The Outcasts…from this realisation an idea was born!

‘Teenage Rebel’ a three-and-a-half-minute blast of short, sharp shock, classic 77’ era punk rock, complete with chugging guitar, brooding bass and a solid steady drum refrain, Christy’s distinct voice elevates the track, and complements the simple guitar break; granted the source material is excellent, but Hooligan have added their own colour to it and made this a worthy release which also includes three self-penned numbers; ‘Generation on Fire’ is too close to the Clash for my liking, not a surprise when you recall Hooligan released the track ‘Calling Joe Strummer’ on their ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ EP in 2011 – the same track is revived here and sounds, particularly the guitar, even more like Strummer’s own.

Hooligan pic

‘Gang War’ ups the pace and ferocity, and frankly benefits from it, its loud, knockabout, pit enraging punk rock complete with a rabble-rousing chorus that gets the job done in a neat sub 3min dash!

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Phil Newall is from The Wirral - he earns his living not writing about music nor playing music...though sorely wishes he could. He was fortunate enough to see many of the first generation punk bands when they played the U18's matinee shows at Eric's, Liverpool. As an attendee at Eric's he was exposed to punk rock, dub reggae, art rock, and all manner of weirdness; as a customer at Probe Records he was variously served and scowled at by Pete Wylie and Pete Burns - he has written for Record Collector, Whisperin & Hollerin, and Spiral Scratch and wanted to write a book detailing the Liverpool punk scene; however with 'Head-On' Julian Cope beat him to it...and frankly did a much better job.


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