Hooligan Dublin: Punk Rock Christmas – single review

Hooligan Dublin: Punk Rock Christmas
Available November 2013

The Hooligan Dublin Christmas message – “Today’s music ain’t got no soul/ Gimme some of that boot-boy rock ‘n’ roll.”

Something a little different from Hooligan Dublin this time: A ska influenced pop punk song about Christmas time. The opening riff reminds me of The Exploited’s Cop Cars from 1981 (which I was actually listening to shortly before I came across this song). The cover illustration of the compilation album – Cashing In On Christmas – that this track is a part of was also inspired by the Scottish punks Troops Of Tomorrow – so there’s a connection there, it would seem.

Punk Rock Christmas isn’t aggressive, though, as the above statement might make you believe; it’s a high spirited, simple song that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The ska sax is a nice addition to the band’s sound and fits in well with Dave Linehan’s mid-level vocals. The guitar, bass and drums also work together very nicely to make this an enjoyable little track that might even inspire a little Christmas skanking.


I’m the first to admit that Christmas songs (in the general sense) don’t do anything for me, considering for the amount of human ingenuity and capitalist productivity that comes with. Hooligan’s effort, though, is satirical and fun, and doesn’t need to be angry or rebellious to make its point that this time of year should be spent appreciating the company of family and friends – rather than showering one another in gifts for the sake of materialism.


Hooligan’s music can be found here.

All words by Andy Carrington. More writing by Andy can be found at his author archive. Be sure to also check out his website, too.

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