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Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys finds another of his favourite new bands in the noisy form of Hoof Glove.

Hoof Glove are a side project featuring members of The Afternoon Gentlemen, Famine, Cattle, Ona Snop, Groak, Hex and Thank. Hailing from Leeds, UK, they are the latest in a long line of noisy and insanely great groups from this fertile city.

Hoof Glove are made up of Laura Tyndal (vox), George Wright (Bass), Lewis Millward  (noise) and  drummer  Steve Myles. It is Steve that is the connection here as he is the drummer of the brilliant Cattle that have featured here before. Cattle’s front man Chris has also featured here in his side project Soft Issues. Finally, I have also reviewed a friend of Cattle in the form of Error Control here. So as I said. It’s a very fertile scene producing high quality stuff!

Anyway, back to Hoof Glove and opener Incandescent Drupes. Incandescent Drupes has a driving, repetitive and simplistic guitar riff that runs throughout the track and serves to bolster the incomprehensible noisy vocals from Tyndal and engulfs the track in waves of noise and beautiful discordance

Omni Bulb has cacophonous noise and the spiteful lead vocals are broken up by guitar breaks. But the message is overwhelmingly brutally clear.

The Granulated Sea has another great guitar riff with Tyndal’s vocal delivery stripping doors left right and centre. Again, it’s jarring and grating, yet it’s exciting and nothing like you would normally hear. Hoof Glove sound like a band that is a chord away from complete collapse. I fucking love that.

Give Me Back My Pet is again guitar, bass and drum led with some great breakdowns and riffs. This is albeit with Tyndal’s hateful vocals. Marsupialia is fast as fuck with it’s confusing and bewildering array of instrumentation, time signatures, and noisy vocals that combine to create a disorientating track full of twists, turns and a beautifully awful clatter.

Final track Fugacious is another fast track that is bass heavy and full of the discordant noisy mess that the previous tracks have revelled in. This is eventually slowed down with added electronica. The effect is grotesque and unpleasant. Bordering on being unlistenable and painful to the ears. Yet, Hoof Glove have a seriously clear headstrong message. Deal with it! Or go elsewhere.

Hoof Glove have delivered an almighty slab of ferocious noise and discordance that takes balls.  Yet it is also an unwavering and open-minded eye on what is being created. Noisy, heavy and violent, Hoof Glove mean business. Yet it is done with a measured acceptance and a peaceful end. Approach with caution. They are fucking awesome!

Hoof Glove was recorded by Tom Goodall (Mirror Man Recordings) at Chunk Leeds and mastered by Ross Halden. The artwork is by Bobbi Abbey and the LP will be released on tape by Don’t Drone Alone.

Watch Hoof Glove in  performance at LS6 Cafe in 2017 here:

Hoof Glove can be found at their bandcamp.


Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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