Honningbarna: Verden Er Enkel – album review

Honningbarna ‘Verden Er Enkel’ (Republic Of Music)
Released 20th May 2013

Singing with enough energy that you don’t need to understand what they’re saying, Honningbarna have been receiving much glorifying praise recently. But is the praise justified? As always, it is up to you to give it a listen and decide for yourself. However, below is a summary of what I made of it.

Hailed as one of Norway’s best live acts of the moment, this evidently ambitious band have produced an album full of roaring passion and gusto. In striking packaging, ‘Verden Er Enkel’ is worth a listen. Songs are kept short and sweet. Well, sweet in a shout-it-out-loud-and-fast-way. This is their first UK album release, and they are striving for widespread impact, having stunned the Norwegian scene with aplomb.

There’s a healthy, D.I.Y, grafters feel to the record, and it is certainly gimmick free. The riffs on ‘Tynn Is’ are a personal highlight, and the vocal hooks aren’t bad either. Eclecticism isn’t the call here. These songs are designed to be screamed at the top of your voice.

The single ‘Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)’, or in English ‘Fuck Art (Dance Dance)’ is a pacey belter, with a matching D.I.Y-style video to boot.

‘Verden Er Enkel’ translates into English as ‘The World Is Simple’. This seems to fit nicely with the musical style on this album. Their H in a circle logo vaguely resembles an anarchy symbol, and their band name ‘Honningbarna’ translates as ‘Honey Children’. This appears to be a band extolling the virtues of energetic freedom and carefreeness.

If you fancy a bit of loud ‘n’ proud, punky, impassioned tunage, then why not give this a try? You should leave the 13-tracks worth of listening with a hefty spring in your step.

Track List:
1. Dodtid
2. Ikke La Deg Rive Med
3. Velkommen Tilbake
4. Tynn Is
5. Fritt Ord, Fritt Fram
6. God Jul, Jesus
7. Sinna Dame
8. Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)
9. Offerdans
10. Ned
11. Si Nei
12. Verden Er Enkel
13. Gi Oss Kick

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