Holy Coves

Holy Coves ‘Peruvian Mistake’ (Self released)
Available now

From the opening wah-wah feedback and bass run of Let’s Go, you realise that Holy Coves are not some 2-bit bedroom outfit.

That guitar screams at you and drowns you before ending far sooner than you want it to. This Peruvian Mistake does lend itself to Oasis in a Kasabianic kind of way, which sounds absurd when you consider Oasis made a career out of ripping off The Rutles. That’s a lazy portrayal of a band who have pockets filled with riffs, melodies and thumping beats. Play it loud and educate you ignorant neighbours.

All Around You (which was a single from July ’11), again stops sooner than you’d wish, with all it’s chanting glory and it’s good to dig rock/pop/indie songs under 3 minutes that are straight to the point.

Holyhead is perhaps not the first place that springs to mind when you talk of a burgeoning music scene, but it has just that with a smattering of bands, venues and music shops. Holy Coves may not be directly involved with that scene and despite telling the story of a man who’s fucked up every kind of situation, they have thrived on the outside, spreading their seed across the dimly lit venues of the UK.

This album could easily be a Greatest Hits, when you consider the supreme quality of the ultimate track Droner, it is a case of saving the best ’til last, but what came before it deserve a place alongside it on the podium. Whatever You Choose, Euthanasia, What’s Happened To You Has Happened To Me all have HIT stamped all over them; oh fuck it, so does Come Alive, Taking Over and the rest of ’em!

You have to buy this album – you can’t be cured, you can’t be saved – do it now…

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