HMV Nipper

HMV Nipper

Going bust is never a pleasant business so when HMV did what Virgin did a couple of years ago and keep selling gift vouchers all the way to christmas and then go bust-ish and then honour them afterwards it was no surprise that people were a tad pissed off.


Add to this the initial idea that they were not going to cough up the money for the number one Hillsborough Justice single and you had a complete moral meltdown with the attendant twitter campaign. It was an odd situation, the shopping traditional shopping chain that was so much part of the high street announcing its departure and selling all its stock in sales but not honouring the vouchers.

It was all a bit scrooge and nipper the dog was sent to the naughty seat…

Thankfully they have seen sense and averted a PR disaster and decided to honour the vouchers that were bought in good faith in the middle swirling rumours of buy outs and campaigns to try and save the cornerstone record store chain.

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