In the desperate dying days of the record shop you would think you need all the help you could get but HMV shave shot themselves in the foot with a new dress code that tells staff they must hide long hair and tattoos. I guess the person below is allowed to have long hair because she’s a woman! but if it’s a bloke then he can’t…confusing.

HMV tells staff to cover up tattoos and hide long hair


It’s a pretty laughable situation, it must be about 40 years since anyone cared about long hair and tattoos are so common place now that not having them is far more freakish.


It seems like HMV have a problem with the more metal edged end of alternative music so that makes them similar to the mainstream media, radio and TV but it’s going to alienate a whole host of their last remaining customers and make them a real laughing stock.


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  1. Surely HMV should follow its music lead and allow staff freedom to be imaginative and free within limits. Look at CEX stores who employ people with tattoos and ear piercing and some greasy haired people and how well those stores are doing. As long as you do your job, wear staff top what does it matter what you look like?


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