Hitchcock Blonde: Five Pounds – ep reviewHitchcock Blonde: Five Pounds (self released)
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Hitchcock Blonde is an alternative rock band from Ealing, who, with enough ear time, should be making some serious waves soon enough. ‘Five Pounds’ is their new EP and it’s well worth a listen, so have a read and if you like what they sound like check them out.

On first hearing ‘Baby Knows Best’, a number of things strike me, and serve as benchmarks for the quality of the EP overall. Firstly, the voice of the front woman. I am often underwhelmed by vocals which others hail to the high heavens, but I absolutely adore the vocals on this girl. Just the right balance of airiness and guts, technical ability and casualness. Secondly, the beautiful production, riffs, beats, arrangement, and the way all these fall perfectly into place with each other. I’m liking this more than I expected; and more and more the more I listen.

‘Buzz Kill’ is a subtly addictive riff, matching the light, sweet, versatile vocals perfectly. The musical equivalent of a road tarmacked with honey. Gorgeous. When this song instructs you to ‘breath’, you do so happily and willingly. The vocals are as full and pretty as any I’ve heard in a while.

‘Cutglass’ is a sleek, smooth, glacial cool production, with more hooky riffage and flowery vocals. Already I’m fully endeared to the EP, and I can picture satisfied crowds singing along at the tops of their voices.

There is more of the same good stuff with the cheerfully catchy tracks ‘Sexy Like You’ and ‘Let It Go’. These tracks are easy going and effortless, a major achievement of the EP as a whole.

With ‘Animal’ the vocals are at their warmest, like melting sugar, making this the standout track for me.

This is indie punk rock at its best, with a pop catchiness to it & it’s not just for fans of the genre as this can be enjoyed by anyone with an ear for melodious music and beautiful voices.

Hitchcock Blonde are on Facebook & Twitter. Should you wish to hear more of them then Soundcloud is the best place for you to go, unless of course you actually wish to buy some of their music (which of course we recommend) in which case check out their Big Cartel page.

All words by Roisin Kelleher. Roisin is on twitter as @RoisinLKelleher

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