Electronica duo Hirola have announced the release of their debut mini-album through new music group Phantom Limb, headed by FatCat alumnus James Vella and former Royal Albert Hall exec Mark Pearse.

Hirola comprises Bristol-based producers LTO (formerly of acclaimed electronic outfit Old Apparatus) and edapollo. Together the duo create a pop music that twists the form into a new. Exciting, emotional and abstract.

Though founded in LTO’s piano playing (he is a piano teacher in his civilian life), edapollo’s vocals and the pair’s shared production alchemy, Hirola is more than just a skill-trade, but a mutual elevation and inspiration, a new concoction very different to its base materials. “It’s taken a couple years of trial and error to develop a sound that’s equal parts LTO and edapollo,” Hirola write.

The mini-album was created over a couple of years of honing and sharpening, culled from an ongoing body of work, continuously constructed, as a production collaboration. Eventually sending to Phantom Limb through an existing friendship, the record serves as a bird’s eye view over the span of Hirola’s production and songwriting artistry.

Hollow is an exciting first taste of the work of Hirola. It’s a dreamy, distant pop dream that serves as a great signpost for the outfits future work and especially their forthcoming debut mini-album and with support coming from people like 6Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs you get a sense that we are about to witness the birth of a long-reaching and ever evolving outfit.

The record was mastered by Taylor Deupree of 12k Mastering (Loscil, Hauschka, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc.) and features original artwork created by Hirola.

Hollow is available now whilst Hirola will be released on limited edition cassette and download in November via Bandcamp.


For more information please visit the Phantom Limb website  or follow them on Twitter where they tweet as @phantomlimbls

Hirola can be found on Facebook


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