watch RZA, Wayne Coyne, OutKast & others in hilarious short story cartoons

check out these excellent animated reenactments from a selection of Hip Hop artists such as Wu Tangs RZA, OutKast (image right) and Danny Brown as they look back on some of the craziest and oddest moments of their careers/lives. Also including stories from Wayne Coyne on his vibrating panties and Washington punk group The Melvin’s who recount their nightmare tour of 86. Here’s a selection of videos produced by DJ Vlad’s ‘Aaron the Artist’ and Pitchfork with ‘Frames’






GZA recalls early visits to the Bronx, block parties, and a young RZA getting in trouble.


DJ Kay Slay reminisces about an unforgettable moment he had with DMX in the studio while recording a freestyle.


Freddie Gibbs tells the tale of Michael Jackson’s return to Gary.


The Melvins talk about their terrible luck during a 1986 tour.


Mister Cartoon shares a story about Pharrell coming into his shop to get inked while wearing a pink Lacoste polo


Wayne Coyne talks about his interactive Flaming Lips merch idea: remote controlled vibrating underwear.


OutKast’s Big Boi regales us with a tale of death defiance and deliverance


Waka Flocka Flame gets a peculiar punishment


DJ Envy speaks about randomly meeting Nas in Queens while he was on his mixtape grind


Pharoahe Monch shares a story of going to a party and feeling like he’s looking fresh until he runs into Kanye West.

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