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Exclusive first airing of video for ‘Pocket Venus’ (Live at the Gypsy Hotel) – from forthcoming album – Live at the Gypsy Hotel.


Come November, the best live album of the year is released.

Now, I know I haven’t actually heard any other Live Albums released in 2017 – but this one is just totally fabulous.

It doesn’t matter matter which year it was recorded and released – 1957, 1967, 1977, 87…. it’s just a high octane, pure, manic slice of live rock’n’roll action.  Played on piano, bass and drums, with croonin’ and a whoopin’ by supercharged boogie king Henri Herbert.  (who you may remember from when he pounded the keys for the Jim Jones Revue..)

And here is an exclusive airing for the video to the ‘single’ Pocket Venus – a HH original which appeared on his second EP, but is now a helluva lot faster.

I grabbed a few words from Henri about the song and the album.

I understand ‘Pocket Venus’ was the first song you wrote after leaving the Jim Jones Revue?

 H:  It was, I wrote it in Canada whilst waiting to go onstage at a festival for my first solo show outside the UK.  It’s a rock n roll song about a girl…

Your playing on the live album is fast and furious, are you ever gonna start playing nice slo-o-o-w piano music Henri? Something like a waltz?

H:   I do like playing slow songs too – got a few of ’em on my two EPs released last year… and one of the tunes on the new album is actually a waltz but it’s just played at high speed!

You’re pleased with the album I gather.

  H:    Yep.  Jim Jones production skills placing the piano high and dirty in the mix make it.

He is of course being modest. It’s his skill and passion which make it.  He’s growing more and more confident as a vocalist and has a natural, smooth voice with an Elvis-like feel to it.

Some fools might dismiss HH as ‘old-fashioned’ but haven’t seem him play – what he does is timeless and there’s no denying his talent, energy and dedication to the music he loves.

Roll on November when the album hits the shops  …but in the meantime check out the tour dates below for some solid gold, live action from Henry and the Fury.

HH Twitter

HH Facebook

HH Website
UK and France Tour Dates

Sep 29 The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Sep 30 MacSorley’s, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oct 01 The Grove Inn, Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 06 The Apple and Parrot Torquay, United Kingdom
Oct 07 Esquires, Bedford, United Kingdom
Oct 12 Gullivers Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 14 The Railway Hotel. Southend On Sea, United Kingdom
Oct 27 Cite de la Musique, Romans Sur Isere, France
Nov 02 The Bodega,  Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nov 08 The Old Blue Last,  London, United Kingdom
Nov 10 L’escale, Le Havre, France
Nov 11 Vintage Weekender, Roubaix, France
Nov 12 Le Bacardi. Kerguiniou, France
Nov 17 The Night Owl, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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