lawrence fluffy bunnyHelp! Lawrence from Fluffy Bunny, indie/punk promoter. the man who put on Green Days first UK gig …needs your help for life saving cancer treatment.

I don’t know this man, but I know loads like him.  Self effacing, independent music fans who inspired by punk – became promoters and indie label bosses …..

here’s a nice piece on him from the Get West London paper

and  the following is by his friend Julie Kooga from the Just Giving page.

Lawrence has cancer; a real shitty, serious one but there is one big kick ass chance..with our help.

I’ve known Lawrence for over 20 years, to many reading this he is a wonderful, kind friend. To 4 year old Christopher he is the best dad in the world and to Mimi, he is her amazing husband. He has always been there for us and for everyone: driving us drunkards home after gigs, carrying our amps, believing in us, never bitching about anything or anyone, except Politics and Damon Albarn. Our Trustworthy, funny, floppy haired hero. He is a legend on the London indie/ punk scene and a bloody hardworking self-employed picture framer, sadly now unable to work.

Two years ago Lawrence was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct. It has since spread to his Liver. Chemo has done its job with the Tumor on the bile duct but the tumours on the liver are growing. The last bout of chemo did nothing to stop their growth. But there is a new treatment with a 70% success rate. The NHS told Lawrence he could have it but issues with the drug company mean that Lawrence has to pay the £16 000 shortfall. Lawrence MUST have this treatment. This is the man who brought Green Day to the UK, he dared to call his record label ‘Fluffy Bunny’, he is Mr Anarchy with a heart the size of Donald Trump’s ego! He is a better looking version of Boris Johnson…or was. Our cuddly, floppy haired man is suffering badly the effects of chemo and growing liver tumours. He does not recommend the chemo diet, or the constant pain ( not that he complains! Ever) his beautiful son is not happy with Daddy’s lack of luscious locks.

Please, anyone who knows him ( or doesn’t ) he really needs us. Our love, our positive vibes but mostly, in the short term, our cold, hard cash. Mimi needs her husband, Christopher needs his Dad, we all need our friend and the world needs a good guy. Anything you can give, big or small is welcome and please pass on to everyone you know.

Big love x Julie Kooga X


Here is the page where you can donate as much or little as you can afford.

Many Thanks of behalf of Lawrences friends and family.

And here are a couple of old Fluffy Bunny releases to enjoy …


(GB for Louder Than War)






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  1. Well done for posting this GED – he gave my old band some money to record many years ago and is definitely one of us music loving obsessives. Get well soon Lawrence xxx

  2. Don’t forget the blaggers ita
    My best mate was in the band and I used to sell there singles for lah at their gigs
    Wicked band !


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