HellblindHellblind EP Cover Art - A Plague On All Your Houses

A Plague On All Your Houses

Revenger Records


March 23rd

Fresh metal, straight from the forge of lockdowns and cancelled shows. Long term collaborators Mark Clayden (Pitchshifter) and Paul Fletcher (Romeo Must Die, This Is Menace) decided to focus on some heavy music. The result is Hellblind, with their first EP ‘A Plague On All Your Houses’. Is it heavy? Yes, it is.

The PR release for Hellblind, suggests that there is nothing subtle about the band and that may be true, but the music is exquisitely detailed and underpinned with rugged melodies and riffs that are as catchy as they are face ripping. The production is also strong, detailed, and powerful, just what you want on a metal record. They reminded me a little of some of the heavier Trivium tracks but without the overly clinical production.

The EP starts with Evil Eye, which is a no nonsense, metal monster, blast beats leading into chugging riffs and a slightly slower middle which is bound to be massive in the live show. If You’re Going Through Hell is up next, which starts with roots era Sepultura drums and bass, before gaining pace and finally settling into a gut-wrenching riff. Third up is the first single Hitched, which is the most immediate track from the EP, it’s a little slower with a deep melodic riff that I absolutely loved and had me reaching for the volume control on my headphones as well as the repeat button. The rest of the EP follows in line, riff after brutal riff swirling together with an almost effortless ability to build a melodic groove.

Overall, this is a great debut metal EP from Hellblind. I’m eager to see more material and who knows, a tour if we’re lucky. If you like heavy groove-laden metal this might be up your street.

All words by Neil Johnson. More writing by Neil Johnson can be found at Neil’s archive. Neil is also on Instagram as @jonnokid and is also the co-host of The Metal Monster Shop on Louder Than War Radio (it’s not just indie!).

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