Helen Mirren voted ‘Body Of The Year’

Helen Mirren voted the sexiest body in the world

Helen Mirren voted the sexiest body in the world

In some sort of victory, 66 year old Helen Mirren has been voted ‘Body of the Year’, beating Pippa Middleton and Jennifer Lopez and other tabloid favourites.

Unusually for an A list actress Mirren doesn’t mind being shown warts n’ all, maybe this is part of her reason for victory in the poll – perhaps people are tiring of the plastic surgery disasters…


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  1. So much for women’s lib, then. Bring back Alf Garnett and ‘On The Buses’.

    • Robin Brunskill

      Hi Monty – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the footage of the Helen Mirren and Parkison interview. He tries to insult her and fixate on her breasts, and her intelligent replies and gentle tolerance of his “seventies male” attitude is quite a landmark. You might find it interesting. I’ve met her and she’s great. Very honest, very observant and very kind. She sat and chatted with me for over an hour about her work on the play Extremities, and as I was just a 20 year old student, I felt at the time and still do feel, that she is a gem. Maybe that is why people find her attractive?

  2. My gripe, really, is not against the marvelous Helen Mirren but, instead, society’s puerile fixation with physical appearance, especially that of women; as though the only way to be regarded as successful as a women is to be thought of as ‘hot’. Being an ugly bloke has never been much of an impediment to success, however – cast your eyes over a roll call of our ‘illustrious’ male politicians and business ‘leaders’!

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