Health Care: Lies! – 7” reviewHealth Care – Lies! 7” (King Song Records)
7″ (includes D/L)
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At last, a Health Care issue we can all surely agree on! Dan Bush’s great solo 7″ gets released on Nobunny’s new record label, and it promises to be the start of something beautiful.

Health Care is the solo act of Dan Bush a.k.a. Danaheim, former singer / songwriter of Thee Makeout Party! and ex-member of bands too numerous to list, most notably Nobunny, 4 Letter Words, This Is Revenge, The Willowz, Devon Williams, Monster Maus, and Schatzi and Hazeltine.

This 7”, boasting “2 tracks of perfect depressing pop music for weirdos”, is the first release on Nobunny’s new label King Song Records. It is available on standard black vinyl or limited hand-numbered colour copies (75 pressed in red and 175 in lavender), and all orders come with a download code.
The sold out red version looks like it’s set to become a collectible, already being offered on eBay at a starting price of 50 dollars. But don’t get a copy from there if you can help it, lavender and black copies are still available much more affordably directly via the King Song Productions store here.

Although this recording is a few years old, it has only just now become available to own, and boy, am I glad it’s finally out!

These 2 songs were mixed and mastered by the ever-reliable Burger Records mastering engineer and owner/operator of Spot-On-Sound Patrick Haight, whose highly attuned ear and great attention to detail means he knows how to capture performances and get the most out of a recording better than pretty much anyone. His reputation for quality is reaffirmed by browsing his discography credits, which more or less reads like a comprehensive shortlist of EVERY exciting artist to emerge within at least the past 4 years (Nobunny, Shannon and The Clams, Hunx and His Punx, Warm Soda, Thee Makeout Party!, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Gravys Drop, Spanish Moss, Feeding People, The Go, The Resonars, and Audacity, to name but a few).

The A-side, “Lies!”, is a brilliant two minute opus of bittersweet pop vulnerability. Dan’s toothsome falsetto is like a drowsy Alex Chilton on antibiotics; there’s a bare and unassuming rough edge to the plaintive whimsy of his voice which lends it a distinctive, almost timid charm. The dainty guitar picking is chiming and playful, the bassline lively and bubbly, and the emotive snare crashes give it a wonderfully dramatic oomph! All these fine ingredients are expertly drizzled with layers of crisp, honey-coated harmonies, and the end result is some really dazzling melancholic pop which is just bright and shiny enough to not be too much of a bummer. And there’s a sample from bandaged, ‘budget rock’ heroes The Mummies in there! Seriously, what more could you ask for?

B-side “U 2 Me” is just as good, a soaring and heavy-hearted organ-driven downer. Despite its sorrowfulness, it’s hard not to get swept away by the sugary silkiness of those gliding “ahhhhhh”s, and the song rises up in a feel-good crescendo of twinkly keys and improvised guitar soloing, attaining an altitude usually reserved for birds and planes and stuff.

This 7” has everything I could possibly want, stirring elements of bubblegum, garage, power pop, and the acrid saltiness of warm, softly cascading tears into an exuberantly sweet sounding stew.

Once again, you can buy your copy of the Health Care 7” from the King Song Records store.

Everybody needs Health Care!

European distribution links:

Bachelor Records (Austria)
Surfin’ KI (Italy)
Red Lounge Records (Germany)


All words by Carrie Quartly, you can read more of her writing on the site here.


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