Hatcham Social press shot

Hatcham Social press shotWe’ve mentioned a few times now what a great time we had at Kendal Calling but we’re going to harp on just a little bit longer as we really, really, need to talk about Hatcham Social with you.

It’s Saturday afternoon at the festival and we’re hanging around the Haunted House Party stage. It’s swelteringly hot, a clammy heat that is heavy with the promise of the rain which arrives later that afternoon.

Hatcham Social are on mid-afternoon, in the middle of a run of amazing bands on this stage. It’s not the only time they’ll play this weekend, we’ll also catch most of them being part of Tim Burgess’s Anytime Minutes for his solo set in his diner tomorrow, but this is a chance to catch them air some new material of their own.

And this new material is a change in pace, an evolution of their sound, since 2012 album About Girls. These new songs are deeper and hum with ’50’s-style reverb and the hint of a Country twang.

It’s still very much them, still got enough pop about the indie to get the crowd in the tent bouncing up and down (even outbreaks of twirling here and there) but there is something deeper running through it; a resonance.

These are the sort of songs that drag you in; they are not urgent or impulsive for the most part but no less vital in the warmth and insistence of their sound. It’s boding very well for the next album.

We caught up with the band after the festival for a quick chat about this next release.

LTW: Last time we caught up with you was at Kendal Calling 2012 and here we are again in the wake of Kendal Calling 2013. Is Kendal Calling a festival you particularly enjoy playing? What was the highlight of this year’s festival for you?

The highlight was playing the new songs at the House Party and Tim Peaks Diner. Getting caught in a 12 hour rainstorm was pretty amazing, with no change of clothes, sitting in the tent it felt like you could be anywhere in the world, nature was having a moment.

Kendal always supplies an intense shot of music and camaraderie.

LTW: Your set at House Party was focused on new tracks and there is a noticeable evolution in your sound – how has this come about? Have you been working  differently? Listening to different things yourself?

Not really specifically different, we are always listening to new things but still always the same things too.

These songs where not prepared or pre-ordered they were born of a moment of four human beings locking themselves in a dark room up a mountain for two weeks with a reel of recording tape.

It does not feel that different to us stylistically if you listen to our work through from the Tape EPs and the two LPs we try and create our world – you can’t write the same song again – the last album was our party album our popsong moment a dancing album, this album is us.

LTW: What feel or sound do you intend the new album to capture?

Summer all nighters and dark melancholia, drug-addled dreams and moon-age rage.

LTW: Has the way you play or write songs changed along with the development of your sound?

We don’t talk to each other anymore when we write we just play and listen and keep going until there are sparks in the air.

LTW: What other music are you all listening to at the moment? What can you recommend our readers check out?

New bands Flowers and Throwing Up.

All words and interview by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here or follow her on Twitter.

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