IMG_4548We are sorry to report the death of the Glitter Band’s Harvey Ellison. Harvey played the distinctive sax that was such a key part of the band’s sound.

The band originally backed the disgraced Gary’s glitter but established themselves with a series of bigger hits than their frontman like the brilliant Angel Face with its spectral droning groove that created a glam rock anthem that also stands as a brilliant piece of left field music. With their pounding drums and brilliantly claustrophobic anthems the band created some of the best hits of the seventies and recorded a couple of albums that really stand the rest of time.

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  1. So sorry to hear this sad news. He was a brilliant sax player and I have retained some wonderful memories of the man from Newcastle City Hall, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977. My thoughts are with all who knew him. The man will live on with the rasping sax on all those glittering tracks.

  2. I am a full cousin of Harvey (real nameBrian). During our childhood our parents lived next door to each other in a small village about 10miles west of Harrogate. I am now recalling many happy memories of us playing in that area. Harvey developed an early interest in music. He qucikly learnt to play any instrument. During the mid 60s Harvey correctly predicted that one day he would appear on ‘Top of The Pops’. Whenever he returned to his native Yorkshire Harvey was ‘one of the family’ and never boasted of his fame in the 1970s.

  3. Went to school with harvey. Listened to him practising in the bike sheds. Followed him in ellisons hogg line local venues. Gone too soon. r i p mate

  4. Watch the Show, a brilliant song on the Glitter Band’s greatest album ‘Listen to the Band’, was all Harvey. A genius of the 70s who will never be forgotten by true music lovers.

  5. Those of us at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley in the 1960s were sad to learn of the death in Devon this last week of one of our former classmates – Brian Harvey Ellison.

    To those of us who were teenagers in Otley in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the name of Harvey Brian Ellison will be synonymous with two things, firstly the “Ellison’s Hogline” and secondly “The Glitter Band”.

    Brian Ellison was a friend of mine at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in the mid and late 60’s. He lived at Norwood above Otley and it was during this time at Prince Henry’s that he developed his love of music. After leaving (or was it being asked to leave?) school in 1968, he decided to start his own band; initially called Sons of Sin, then renamed The Liberty Takers it finally became Ellison’s Hogline.

    The Hogline played at many venues locally; St. George’s Hall in Bradford, The Stony Lea in Ilkley and others around Leeds & Bradford until the end of 1970 when Brian went over to Germany & Italy to play with a band called Root & Jenny Jackson & The Hightimers. It was whilst working with this band in Hamburg that Brian also joined a band called Boston. Three of the members of Boston, including Brian, went on in 1972 to form The Glitter Band. The rest as they say is history!

    From 1972, for the next 10 years, the Glitter Band charted regularly, both in their own right and also as the backing band for Gary Glitter. The band itself had 7 hits, 6 of them in the top 10 with “Goodbye my love” reaching number 2 in January 1975, their highest chart position. Their first hit in March 1974 was “Angel Face”, which reached number 4 in the charts and their last one was “People like you” peaking at number 5 in February 1976.
    With Gary Glitter they had 20 hits, 12 being in the top ten and including three number 1 singles. The first single was “Rock and Roll Parts 1 & 2” in June 1972 and the last was “Another Rock & Roll Christmas” in December 1984. This has probably been played on the radio every Christmas since! The three number one singles were “I’m the leader of the gang” and “I love you love me love” both released in 1973 and “Always Yours” in 1974.

    The band toured Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA & Europe extensively during this 10-year period and as well as the singles listed above, they also had a number of successful albums.

    In the mid 80’s Brian formed his own band called “The Power of Soul” which played plenty of gigs throughout the UK every year, mainly round London where he was based in Harrow, but also further afield. They were a sixties/seventies soul band with a bit of Tamala and RnB thrown into the concerts as well. They performed for over twenty years together.

    Harvey (as he was known on stage although those of us who knew him from school days called him Brian which is what we knew him as in the 60s) also guested with other bands and one that he played regularly with was called “The Savages”. The line-up of this was Jackie Irving on drums, Angie Antonori on guitar, Johnny Cassanova on keyboard, Dave Dixs, baritone sax, Brian Juniper, tenor sax, Harvey Brian Ellison, tenor sax, Tony Dangerfield, bass guitar/ vocals. This band backed Screaming Lord Sutch for many years before his tragic death. Some of these band members are well known names from bands in the seventies and eighties including “The Sweet” and “Madness”. I saw Brian guesting with this band a decade or so ago whilst staying overnight in London on a business trip. They were a very tight group of professional musicians doing mainly rock and roll numbers including “Angel Face” one of the numbers Brian played on during his time with The Glitter Band.

    Brian moved to Dorset from Harrow several years ago but still continued to perform at a number of seaside resorts down there with various former band members.

    Brian, however, never forgot his Yorkshire roots and always said to me “Otley holds some very happy memories starting out in those early days and not least the many musicians from that area that I played with and helped me along the way”.

    RIP Brian (Harvey).

  6. hi its very sad to hear about harvey. i too loved the watch the show song he wrote and sang on and yes oh those super sounding sax parts he played.. so i too share all the other comments made by all the other glitterband fans on this site along with friends and relatives alike of harvey… dave hall staffs.

    • We will all miss him Dave – you and I have always admired the Glitter Band, with Harvey getting the very best out of his sax. Having a sax player within any band makes the sound just that little bit more special, but having Harvey within the Glitter Band, was the Jewel In The Crown. R.I.P our dear friend.

    • Just found out Harvey Ellison has died albeit 4 months late.

      I was a big fan of his and the infamous Glitter Band, whose records I still play today, and I’m 55 nearly.
      What did Harvey die of?
      My condolences to his wife and family.
      With Gerry having gone 14 years ago, it makes one realise, get out there and enjoy life while you can.

  7. Just looking/listening to The Glitter Band & just seen the sad news about Harvey Ellison. Many,many happy memories as a teenager listening to them. I made a pretend saxophone out of a hockey stick & a star guitar,I was John Springate as I was told I looked like him;& me & my friends mimed “Just For You” at the school talent show.Rest in peace,Harvey Ellison.

  8. Harvey was the great glue of the Glitter band and a great and inventive musician, Love in the sun was a world class track and His sax playing a real one off of true 70s talent , a most under rated talent in the world of music there will never be in the history of Glam rock or musics history such a talent as the Glitter band and harveys guitar was a true world class talent.
    Andrew Flintham.

  9. Loved the Glitter band in their heyday. They were my favourite band during this time,I was 14-15. So sad to have heard the news about Harvey Ellison fantastic Sax player.RIP

  10. So Sad to hear about the loss of GlitterBand Legend Harvey Ellison, The GlitterBand got me ‘into’ the music business in the 70’s. Harvey’s songs ‘Trying Too Hard’ & ‘Watch The Show’ are Classics.R.I.P. Mister Sax.

  11. So sad. One of four original Glitter Band members to have had a formal musical education, Harvey was one of the industry’s most accomplished ‘utility players’. He joined the Glitter Band as a saxophonist, but subsequently moved to keyboards, then rhythm guitar and finally bass guitar during his tenure in the original line-up. He will be greatly missed.

  12. The first time I saw the glitter band, I noticed Harvey. Couldn’t keep my eyes off him.My first ever crush.loved the glitter band. R I P Harvey xx God bless.

  13. I was lucky to have drummed with Harvey and The Power of Soul when Drew could not do the gigs. We played in Hanover and various UK gigs. He also played sax and bass guitar on some of my own recordings. His sax break was fabulous. My condolencies to Rosemary and his family. A lovely fella and modest class musician… RIP Harvey ⭐️

  14. Very sad news I was roadie for the Glitter Band 72-78. had many great times with “H” love Tink will never forget

    • So sad to hear about Harvey Ellison passing; myself Cathy and Linda from Huddersfield have many happy memories of travelling around the country to see the Glitter Band in the 70’s and always remembered you and Cass as the roadies. We had some good tines!!

    • Would you be the Mike Mingarde who went out with Harvey’s sister, who I also believe has passed.

      • Hi Davina, I hope you are ok, I remember you very well. That is so sad that both Harvey and Migs have gone.
        They were great times with hopefully no regrets, Harvey really was one of the best and Migs was wonderful.
        Take care of yourself!!
        Best wishes Mike

        • I remember when you used to phone Migs. I was her apprentice at the hairdressers in Harrogate. So sad to read that both her and Brian are no longer here.

    • Hi Mike, Hoping to get in touch with you about the glitter band if possible- let me know if this pings through to you via email or not!

  15. Harvey was such a major part of the GlitterBand sound+a lovely guy too.will never be the same without our wonderful sax player.won’t get the chance to shout we love you Harvey+get a little wave and a smile back from him at the gigs anymore.miss you+thanks for the musicemories.

  16. Sorry to hear of the sad passing of Harvey, he and the glitter band give me great happy times during the 1970s..God bless you.

  17. Sunday 17 Dec 2017.
    A fab tribute evening tonight for Harvey at
    The Islington Academy, London.
    The Glitter Band feat John Rossall
    Hello feat Bob Bradbury
    The Arrows feat Alan Merrill
    plus Too Rex, BC Sweet and Scott Fitzgerald.
    See full review on

  18. Brian as we called him was a mate of mine form childhood when I would go visit my gran at Norwood we would all play together, during the 60,s he played in bands and would run into him when I came home for leave from the merch’ we had many a good time driving around in his Jag partying. His siter was a good friend Megs also. Never got to see him on my last visit to Harrogate in 96 though spent soem time with Megs. A great Yorkshire lad.


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