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Harkive logoHarkive, the annual online music listening project, is set to return on Tuesday 21 July to take another look at what it means to be a music fan in the digital age.

Having collected 5,000 unique stories since launching in 2013 Harkive invites fans to describe how, when and where they listen to music on a single day each year.

“What the project may reveal this year”, says Harkive’s Craig Hamilton, “are early signs of how Apple’s new service is slotting in to people’s existing music listening habits, which as Harkive has previously shown are an already very complex mix of old and new technologies, services and formats.

“Apple Music, along with other new services such as Tidal, are yet more means of listening, along with the radio, CDs, vinyl, live music, and other online music services. From the project’s point of view, this year will be extremely interesting.”

Anyone wishing to submit a story can do so via social media using #harkive, by uploading audio or video, or by emailing the project directly. For those that have contributed in previous years they will for the first time be able to search their entries using the data explorer.

You can find out more on Harkive’s website. You can also find Harkive on Twitter and Facebook.


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