Spent all day in the fucking pub, this lot.
Spent all day in the fucking pub, this lot.
Spent all day in the fucking pub, this lot.

Sarf London suedeheads Hard Skin are poised to release TWO brand new albums – one for the boys and one for, er, the birds.

Johnny Takeaway, Fat Bob and Nipper, aka Hard Skin, continue to fly the flag for OI! (perhaps a little TOO enthusiastically) with ‘On The Balls’, their follow-up to 2004’s rude-word-heavy ‘Same Meat, Different Gravy’.

But get this: as well as the regular release there will also be a ‘ladies’ version – ‘Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear’ – with a plethora of well-known punkettes taking over the vocal duties.

Beki Bondage, Joana Newson, Liela Moss, Beth Jeans Houghton, Manda Rin and others take turn to lead such new ditties as “Council Estate”, “That’s Bollocks Mate” and sure-fire future Millwall terrace anthem, “We’re Gonna Do Them”. You’ll also hear Gaye Advert play bass on the Gipsy Hill skin’ead band’s “The Kids Are Innocent.”

As well as the two CDs and album downloads, Hard Skin’s newie will also come out on limited edition coloured vinyl – blue for the boys’ LP and, that’s right, pink for the girls…

Johnny Takeaway (vocals/guitar) said: “Fuck the recession, this is a CLASSIC! Well, it’s actually TWO CLASSICS!

“We got some of our sexiest lady mates round to the studio, got them drunk on cheap plonk, and after a few days we had a second version of the album recorded with Hard Skin as you’ve never heard us before.”

The album is released on March 4, but all formats can be pre-ordered now for advance delivery through the band’s website at www.jtclassics.co.uk

A few live dates, their first since last year’s triumphant US tour and festival appearances, will follow.

A new ‘video’ for the song ‘Council Estate’ has also been made. But don’t get too excited – it’s just the song played over a random bit of the darts on telly…

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