Rowetta takes it easy after another happy monday
Rowetta takes it easy after another happy monday

Rowetta takes it easy after another happy monday

Up to now The Happy Mondays tour has been a real success courting some great reviews with the band playing some fantastic shows like the recent MEN gig, catching Rowetta on the bands first day off on the Happy Mondays tour the singer chatted to Louder Than War about the shows up to now, playing with the Mondays again and what the group thought to the days football results

LTW; Hi Rowetta, hows the tour going now after playing a few gigs, any nerves on the first night

The tour has been better and more enjoyable than any of us expected. I don’t really get nervous and we had all worked hard to make sure that it would be great, and I knew that we were sounding better than ever, so just couldn’t wait for the shows to start

LTW; Catching the band at MEN you sounded in great voice, but how have you felt its gone up to now

The performances have been amazing. Really special as our last gig with the original line up was in Tokyo in November 1992 and 20 years later, the magic is still there when we all play together, and he crowds have been incredible. Selling out most venues has been very humbling for everyone and I’m really proud of all the lads.

LTW; It looks as if you and the band are enjoying it anyway, and you all look good up there still, especially your self! 

We are all in happier healthier places than when we broke up, and I think that shows. I am just loving every second this time around, and I think everyone looks better when they feel good.

LTW; The reviews have been really good as well and the Manchester show was great, whats been the high-lights for you up to now

All the shows have been great, each one different, but all special for different reasons. Obviously Manchester, being our homecoming gig, was always going to be extra special, and I think it’s the best we’ve ever played in Manchester and the best gig I’ve been to or sang at in the arena, but there hasn’t been a bad show so far, which is beautiful as we’re all buzzin’ after each show and the reviews and responses have just added to the buzz.

LTW; Whats it like going back out touring with The Happy Mondays again after all this time Rowetta, especially compared to the old days 

We rehearsed for a few weeks before, and it has seriously been like we’ve never been apart. We’re all a lot older, wiser, tamer and probably nicer than before, so it’s even easier to spend so much time together. The tour bus is a really happy one, but it’s not a party bus this time around, we leave Bez to do the partying for us.

LTW; Also, whats it like being the only girl among 6 lads in a band

These lads are like my family. Not just any lads, they’re my brothers. We all care a lot about each other and always have done, and we look out for each other, and we all have the same humour, which helps and also know when to give each other space. This is a very easy band for me to be in because we know each other so well.

LTW; Is it fun sharing the stage with Shaun again, singing along side each other again

It’s great being on stage with all the lads, and Shaun and I only really see each other on the stage, so it’s all very nice and happy and I do enjoy singing with him.
I honestly love singing all the songs live and have tried to be more creative with the songs, as the lads wanted me to sing more.  ‘Bobs Yer Uncle’ has been a surprise as it didn’t quite work when we did it the last time around, but now it is definitely one of the best live ones and I’ve added my vocal from Stinkin Thinkin – Boys Own Mix for the end, so it’s like a big dance tune at the end.

LTW; What about the football results today, whats yours and the bands reaction to it all

Only Mark Day happy,…all reds apart from Mark Day, but we all expected it. Mark says he’s emotionally drained. I think it’s great for Manchester and I love Manchester.

LTW; ..and whats your plans after the tour, a holiday, more work?

After the tour we have some overseas gigs and festivals. I can’t plan any holidays, as new dates coming in all the time. I do want to do some more writing and work with other people, but I have had to set aside this time for the Mondays. It would be good to do some more dates with Peter Hook & The Light, as I love working with them too.

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