Happy Mondays

LTW presents extracts from Gary Whelan’s Happy Mondays‘ tour diaries. Honest, insightful and of course a bloody good laugh! We share a few snippets from his on-the-road memoirs as he right now releases the new tune with The Magic Village – Say Who You Are.

Teaming up with old mates Magic Village is Johnny Evans (vocals) Wayne Edwards (bass, guitar, keys) and Whelan on guitar/vocals… a tight and like-minded trio who played together in Gaz’s former band/project Hippy Mafia. MV’s first release is an acoustic cover of The Stone Roses’ Ten Storey Love Song, out just a couple of months ago.

To this their latest, Say Who You Are, is a number which struts out true to form with that well known Manchester confidence and ‘one love’ mindset, but yet with a real presence of mind and a kinda half yearning for some transcendence. It’s a summer tune we could all do with a bit of right now.

Running along with its strong calming chorus and captivating hook SWYA also diverts from the norm with an awesome set of bars and slick rhyming in the middle eight performed by John Orpheus (the rap artist who also worked on Whelan’s Hippy Mafia project). Look out for the single on Bandcamp and all the usual platforms.. and keep up to date with MV on Twitter.

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  1. That was great but………..that picture up top isn’t the Mondays on tour, it’s from 24 Hour Party People, lol

    • i know fella..the images were all kinda tongue in cheek…that 1 is art imatating the Mondays/way of life


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