Happy Mondays to play the whole of Bummed at special gigsThe Happy Mondays Bummed is one of the great albums- a warped and wonky musical document of the late eighties UK drug culture and street life- it’s by parts funny, dark and brilliant commentary on the times with some of the great street poetry lyrics combining with the band’s wonk – groove that mashed up Parliament/Funkadelic with a stoner take on the post punk fall out with the eclectic manc take on the greatest record collections in the world.

The band are playing two nights at the Ritz in Manchester playing the whole album in a celebration of what is the epicentre of the madness that became Madchester. These are nights where the nostalgia trip will be worth taking with music that really has stood the test of time.

With support from Big Unit..Tickets are on sale now:https://tinyurl.com/6vhslhk





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