Happy Monday Paul Ryder to play the butler in Batman TV series remake

Happy Mondays - Shaun RyderNot just content with being a great bass player in the Happy Mondays Paul Ryder is to play the part of Alfred the butler in the remake of the sixties Batman TV series.

The remake in production now in Los Angeles and will capture the kooky genius of the TV series .

Paul Ryder told us.

‘Batman is a 3 season Internet tv show and a feature film.
It’s in the vein of the original 1960s tv show you could say it’s a continuation of it.
Since moving to LA 7 yrs ago I have spent a couple of years at acting school, my agent put me forward for the part. I did a screen test and also a monologue in the the style of Alfred Pennyworthy the butler this is the part I will be playing.’


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