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My Theories On The Apocalypse EP

Reckless Yes

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Following on from recent singles Come Feel Me and A Thousand Cuts, Hannah Rose Kessler releases My Theories On The Apocalypse. The EP will be released digitally and on limited CD through independent record label Reckless Yes on 19 March 2021.

The arrival of Hannah Rose Kessler’s EP at any another time would possibly offer a review suggesting the artist had produced a compelling, acutely personal piece of work. You could say that it’s possibly cathartic at times but equally a primal scream relaying shocking experiences. The fact it’s arrived right now, following the murder of Sarah Everard, with the spotlight that’s rightfully been put on misogynistic attitudes and behaviours in society means that unintentionally Hannah is not just speaking from a personal perspective, but for all women.

Superficially she comes across as a delicate English Rose, however, her music is challenging. These aren’t songs about merrily skipping through fields on summer afternoons. My Theories on the Apocalypse is gritty, it’s accusatory, it’s angry and it’s fucking frustrated. As summed up by my friend, Nikki, my barometer on such things, “it is what it’s like to be a woman in 2021.”

Over the 6 tracks on this EP, Hannah is an open book, and as mentioned previously in my review of A Thousand Cuts, she holds nothing back. It is uncomfortable to listen to. After several plays, it comes to me that what Hannah has understood is you don’t and can’t educate from a position of anger, she invites the listener along from a point of empathy. She hasn’t alienated men at all, she’s been very reflective on what has happened, how she feels and what that’s done to her as a result.

This is perhaps best demonstrated in Your Female Rage, delivered from the male perspective, an amalgamation of all males rather than any one specific. This is particularly unsettling, highlighting that strangers feel that they have the right to make comments, for example objectifying an individual and suggesting everything negative that’s happened has been brought on the ‘victim’ themself, which you may think only an abusive partner would say.

Every so often a record comes along which reflects/captures what’s happening in society at that moment. This is one of those records.

Hannah Rose Kessler

For more on Hannah, you can visit BandcampSpotifyFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


All words by Iain Key. See his Author Profile here author’s archive or on Twitter as @iainkey.

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