H.R. Giger RIP genius artist creator of Alien and Dead Kennedys controversial artwork is dead

The renowned Swiss artist H.R. Giger has died at the age of 73, following injuries sustained in a fall, Swiss public television, SRF, has reported. Giger was most famous for the alien monster he created for the movie of the same name.

In the art world, Giger, who focused during his career on the fantastic realism and surrealistic genres, is best known for his contribution to the film Alien. The monster he created for Ridley Scott’s film earned him an Oscar for special effects in 1980.

His talent for scaring movie audiences was repeated in Poltergeist 2 (1986), Alien 3 (1992) and Species (1995). Computer game fans were able to enjoy his work in Dark Seed in 1995.

His film work was just one facet of his talent, though. Giger is also known for his sculptures, paintings and furniture.

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  1. Also a fabulous Debbie Harry album cover ‘Koo koo’



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