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For a brief flicker of time Guns n Roses were actually quite good and sold millions of records. These days they are not so good, decades gaps between releases and a bit of a car crash on stage. There is talk of the original line up getting together for next year’s superbowl. We are not quite sure what a superbowl is but it seems to be a big deal in the USA, a big enough deal to get a bunch of rock stars down of their high horses and talking to eachother according to an American sports blogger Kent Sterling.
Who claims to have overheard a report that states ‘Preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular line up of Guns n Roses.’

Who else to reform? the Clash? Stone Roses, the Beatles, Bogshed? comments please!


  1. The red headed fast balding yodelling cat has become an old joke without a punchline…he’s too arrogant to realise that he’s now in a bad tribute band to himself.

    Even IF the ‘original’ G’n’R were to reunite, they’d fall out within themselves before managing a single gig…and even more lawsuits would fly about.

    Having seen a the original band at Rock City ‘back in the day’…they were amazing then…but that was nearly 25 years ago…now a financially motivated e=reunion would be the missing punchline previously mentioned.

    Rant over!

  2. […] had rejoined the live band, but had left prior to recording, the band were down a bassist. Former G’n'R bassist Duff McKagen was drafted in and jammed with the band, contributing to some of the kernels of the new songs only […]


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