Gregory Pepper and His Problems EP cover

Gregory Pepper and His Problems EP cover

Gregory Pepper and His Problems – My Bad (Choose My Music Records)

Limited CD / DL

Available now


Gregory Pepper and His Problems’ new release is the latest product from Choose My Music Records. It’s a fine slice of indie pop rock, that is laden with harmonies and superb lyrics.

From Choose My Music Records comes another slice of indie pop rock that scratches an itch for anyone that wants to listen to something they really have never heard of! I’m a huge fan of the output of Choose My Music Records; DEERPEOPLE, Jessy Bell Smith, Social Scientists and L’anarchiste are all associated with the label and have all released songs/albums through the indie label.

This latest release comes from Guelph resident; Gregory Pepper. Pepper is signed to the awesome Fake Four label, and Choose My Music Records are releasing the EP on this side of the pond.

The EP is only fourteen minutes in length but it packs bags and bags of charm within its seven tracks.


Anything Is Passable opens with dreamy harmonies and chiming guitars and drums. There is also a strong country influence in the mix here and there too. The quirky lyric and heavy guitar sound evokes a sound akin to Grandaddy.

Is This Thing On? is led primarily by the bass, but again the drums and distorted guitar bring about similar motifs; think The Beach Boys with more distortion.

Title track, My Bad, is opened with a melancholy piano tone, and Pepper’s fragile voice. Drums pick up the tempo, and the track builds and builds to a muted crescendo. There is a less is more feel with the track which makes for a pleasant change, rather than going out all guns blazing.

Restless Legs sees an acoustic led opening punctuated by plenty of Springsteen style harmonica. At just over one minute in length, the track is short and sweet.

Shy Gangsta is probably my favourite titled track on the album. Whilst not possessing any sort of hip hop beats to makes the track a ‘gangsta’ track, there is another heavily distorted guitar part. The highlight here is definitely the lyrics. Be sure to check this track out.

Hated Every Minute pulses along with more Beach Boys style harmony, coupled with another lyric of note. If You Hadn’t Called finishes the EP off with another solo piece over ragtime like piano. A great end to a short EP.

My Bad is another fantastic notch on Choose My Music’s release history. The EP is restricted to a 100 unit release on CD, and the EP can be downloaded for the price you wish to pay, here . When people say you should support independent artistes and labels, this label and artist is one you definitely should.


You can find out more about Gregory Pepper on his website and on Facebook.

You can find the Choose My Music website here and they’re also on Twitter.

All words by Dom Walsh. More articles by Dom on Louder Than War can be found on his author profile.

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