Greg Ginn loses lawsuit against former Black Flag membersIt’s been the court case that has confounded the punk and hardcore community and it’s all come to nothing so far as Greg Ginn can’t prevent some of his former bandmates, including former frontmen Keith Morris and Henry Rollins, if they even wanted to, from using the group’s iconic “bars” logo and name.


The case claimed that Ginn solely owned the hardcore group’s signifiers and the other group led by by Chuck Dukowski was interfering with his new version of Black Flag.

He also included Rollins in his suit, alleging the singer and Morris had attempted to trademark the band name and logo under false pretense. But on Tuesday, a U.S. District Court judge in California denied Ginn’s motion for a preliminary injunction against his former bandmates.

The complex case claimed that the other members had attempted to trademark the band name but this could not be proven at this point and the judge dropped the case.


Gregg Ginn’s Black Flag release their new album in January and Ginn remains one of the great guitar players- let’s hope that peace can breakout instead of ‘My War’.



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