Greetings from Beacons (finally)

Moorfest was to Leeds live music scene what Beat-Herder is to Bradford’s DIY party scene, and for a few summers it was an unmissable weekend of Brudenell-y bands and messing about in a field in Skipton rather than Call Lane and Burley Park.

But just a couple of years ago it all went slightly wrong. Scientists are still unsure exactly what caused the 2010 festival to be less brilliant than usual. It could have been the terrible weather, lower attendance, the swine crunch, or a rejigged layout, but it seemed to have lost its buzz somehow.

And so Moorfest was put to bed, and Beacons was announced in its place.

2011 was to be the first ever Beacons festival, widening its net to incorporate input from even more movers and shakers from Leeds and surrounding area. It was all set to be a revamped, refreshed and resplendent replacement for Moorfest.

Then, there was some weather. The beautiful British summer flooded the festival site, and the weekend was called off. Or, to be more precise, a load of the acts relocated to various venues around the centre of Leeds, and a tribute to Beacons replaced Beacons itself, before Beacons had even had the chance to happen.

More lessons learned, Beacons 2012 will take place on August 17-19, on a new site close by. After a false start and a persistent and ever enthusiastic team, it deserves some heavy patronage from Moorfest fans of old, as well as Brudenell, Nation of Shopkeepers, Bungalows and Bears and Shipping Forecast regulars as well.

The scenery is beautiful, the tickets are just £60 for the weekend, and the line-up includes Errors, Wild Beasts, Hawk Eyes, Runners, That Fucking Tank and loads more brilliant acts. On top of these there will be plenty of extra-curricular activities, most exciting of which is the Sheffield Docfest party and screenings to promoting the world’s biggest documentary film festival.


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