Greenwashers – Bradford International Film Festival


If you’re a fan of Michael Moore and Mark Thomas, this will be catnip to you.

Equally, if you live on Earth, and are a big fan of ‘being alive’ and ‘not being a massive polluting bastard’ then this is also essential viewing.

Enjoying its world premier at BIFF, Greenwashers is 100% organic, biodegradable genius.

Greenwash is the name given to the reassuring claims companies make about their green credentials, the vast majority of which fall into one of the seven misleading sins of the practise – from exaggerating, to unfair comparisons, fake certification, and outright lying.

To make us understand how sneaky corporations can be with their hard green sell and fluffy eco-friendly images (whilst they continue to chew the planet up and spit it out in plumes of smoke) filmmaker Bret Malley creates a fake company called Greenwashers Consulting, gives it a vile uniform, and takes it on tour.

Greenwashers Consulting send a couple of obnoxious employees to real green expos, to meet a huge variety of companies who claim to be green, and offer to help them to deceive their customers about any ecological wrongdoing. Through the people they meet, through animations, and through adverts both fake and real, Greenwashers is – for a terrifying glimpse at the abyss – very funny indeed.

More terrifying still, Greenwashers shows us how frequently greenwashing tactics are used to sell us products that we are meant to think are better for the planet, when in fact they’re anything but.

This is essential viewing, pure and simple. Not only is it thoroughly enjoyable, but it’s also aiming to fill the truth gap that we might not even be aware of, between what companies say they do, and what they actually do, with the money we happily hand over to them – particularly when we think we’re making ethical choices.

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