Greek Anti-Fascist Rapper Murdered: Neo-Nazis SuspectedA Greek Anti-fascist rapper and metal worker was allegedly stabbed to death by 25 neo-nazis on the night of Tuesday 17 September in the Keratsini area of Piraeus.

Killah P is said to have been stabbed to death in the street by the Golden Dawn neo nazis

From an eye-witness report:

“Around 24:00 a group of 15-20 fascists, wearing black t-shirts and military pants and boots, was deployed on P. Tsaldari street. During that time, Killah P was walking with his girlfriend and another couple when he was spotted by the fascists shouting “what are you looking for here, you know there is no place for you in this hood”.

The fascists hunted the two couples down P. Tsaldari street towards Gr. Lampraki avenue, where, from another street, a new group of around 10 fascists came out and surrounded the guys. At that time, a car drove opposite in an one-way street, stopped, the driver came out and stabbed Killah P once in the heart and once in the abdomen (the stabbing on his abdomen had an upside-down “L” shape).

Tensions are high in Greece after the monetry meltdown and the rise of the far right party, Golden Dawn, who have several seats in the Greek Parliament.

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